Have No Fear, God Is Here

Deuteronomy 7:12-26

Moses tells the people that God promises to bless them if they keep His commandments. If the people live up to their end of the covenant, God says He will give them health, wealth, bounty and fertility. He will chase away their enemies and give them victory.


Should the people worry that the enemy is too numerous, Moses reassures them God will be by their side, fighting on their behalf. He Who rained havoc down on Egypt will visit the same tribulations upon Israel’s enemies. God will also only run them out of the land little by little, not all at once. The people will be left to destroy the idols of the enemy.


The Israel Bible asks why it would be comforting for the people to know God will expel their enemies little by little rather than all at once. The answer, the Israel Bible explains, is in the second half of the verse, where it says, “lest the beasts of the field increase upon thee.” If the land is abandoned, it will be taken over by wild animals, making it harder for the Israelites to settle. So, too, in modern times, the return to Israel has taken place little by little.


Virtual Classroom Discussion

Moses says God will chase away Israel’s enemies, then adds in verse 20 that He will send the hornet among them. Why do you think this would be more terrifying? What could the hornet represent?

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    mi d-os todopoderoso, grandioso, maravilloso y misericordioso. gracias mil veces por mil veces mas y mas y mas, por permitirme adorarte quererte y defenderte, yo no te he dado nada y en cambio he recibido de ti amor, proteccion y sobretodo la satis faccion de lo que me das todos los dias junto a mis hijos nietos y sobretodo la salud. pór favor yo no te abondanare jamas, no solo no puedo, no quiero. gracias mujchas gracias por toda esa felicidad que recibo de parte tuya. por favor cuida a nuestros coreligionarios porque tam bien te adoran. bendicnos porqu tu eres mi padre y maesto. amen

  • Ruth Akkermann


  • Shlomoh muendo

    the hornets.what is about to happen.arabs must eventually give in.

  • Shlomoh muendo

    the hornets.what is about to happen.

  • Miriam Channah

    According to Exodus 23:28 Rashi commentary, the hornets attacted & stung the eyes, & made them sick ,& they died. Just the fear of one of those hornets had to be extreme! How could the Caananites conscentrate & focus on attacking us. It also states that those that hid in fortified cities were hunted by the hornets. What a great God we have. We must remember to love Him with all our hearts & obey His Word. There is much more to come.

  • The hornets represent the wrath of G-d. The stinches of the hornet are extremely painful in the body, you will experience it personally if you deviate of My Road. The sting of an hornet can even be deadly. So when you are a little bit smart choose the way of G-d.

  • I agree with you all, thank you for the insights too.

  • A hornet will not stop attacking, will not retreat. They could not be fought with bow and arrow or sword and shield. This represents the army of Hashem what is to come in the future.

  • Diana Brown

    Pestilence is a sign of demonic attack. The 7 nations of Canaan had fallen into idolatry and as a result, spiritual deadness. Little by little, the Light Israel brings into the Land will dispel the darkness. What spiritual death each nation was enslaved by appears to have been this….Hittites were appeasing spirits of FEAR and DISCOURAGEMENT in their idol worship. Likewise, Amorites appeased spirits of BITTERNESS, FIERCE-TALKING and JUDGING. Canaanites served MERCHANDIZING spirits. Perrizites served CARELESS, RECKLESS spirits that opened the door of their hearts to FALSE LIBERTY and TRUTH. Hivites served idols of NATIONAL ZEALOUS spirits. Jebusites served idols of PRIDE and ELEVATION. The Girgashites served EARTHLY, LASCIVIOUS spirits. None of these spirits worshipped the One True God out of love, but fear for the Judgment coming upon them. It was their job to keep the heathen spiritually dead and Israel from obeying the Commands of the Lord thy God. The People of Israel were being prepared to bring the Kingdom of God down to earth. It is said while the Temples were in existence, on Yom Kippor, the priests slaughtered 70 bulls for the 70 nations so that evil would not overtake the earth. Once the third temple is established, this practice of praying for the nations before the Lord God and the people may restart. Now, it is still prayed in the synagogues I believe on Yom Kippur I have heard. That is a sure sign that Israel loves the world. One day, prophecy says the world will love Israel. Speedily in our days I pray!

  • Magda

    I think the appearance and interference of hornets to chase the enemy away, is a sign of a miracle/ the clear sign of the Hand of God. It had often before happened in history that people were overcome and chased away by armies and soldiers, but not that the enemy was chased away by hornets even before the oncoming armies / soldiers/ fighters could get to them.

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