Weekly Torah Portion

Nov 30, 2015

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In Synagogues all around the world during the Shabbat services, a specific portion from the Torah is read aloud. It takes a whole year to read the entire Torah (the Five Books of Moses) from beginning to end. It is a Jewish custom to begin studying the Torah portion of the week on Sunday, and spend the week learning, so that by Shabbat one has already studied the entire Torah portion.


Our Weekly Torah Portion feature offers the Five Books of Moses divided by Torah portion.  Each section contains an overview of what the portion is about, and divides the portion into topics for more in-depth study.  Following the summary of each topic is a thought-provoking question that we encourage our readers to think about, and our message board allows for  participant interaction and in-depth discussions.  Registering to the website allows you to post comments and share your ideas with others.  And of course, our facilitator will be there to contribute insights and answers.


Browse through the content at your own pace, or sign up to study the weekly Torah portion on our subscribe page.  By signing up, you will be receive a free email at the beginning of each week containing an overview of the week’s Torah portion, its the topics and the discussion questions – all delivered right to your inbox.


For the next couple of months, the Torah reading for communities outside of Israel will be a portion behind the Torah reading schedule for those who live in Israel.  That is because in Israel, the Passover holiday ended on a Friday, and the regular Torah reading scheduled resumed the Saturday immediately following the holiday.  Outside of Israel, however, that Saturday was still part of the holiday so communities outside of Israel did not resume the regular Torah reading schedule until the following week.  The schedules will match up again on August 6th, when communities outside of Israel combine two Torah portions and read both Matot and Masei on the same day.

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