Twelve Tribes United by Y. Katz and B. Stark

Psalms 133:3

Sing along in Hebrew to “Twelve Tribes United” performed by Y. Katz and B. Stark

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  • Funny, just today a friend and I were talking of this psalm… in particular the blessing that HaShem commands where there is unity. It could become a favourite:-)

    I scenes of Israel are beautiful. A nice catchy tune and I love the whistle or maybe it’s a pipe?

  • Sometimes you stumble across a song that makes your heart ache as you long for Something that you don’t even have words for………Your Kingdom come…Your Will be done..on earth as it is in Heaven.
    Baruch Hashem!

  • Powerful song that captivates one’s spirit and lifts up that special hope that one day we will all be united in HIM.
    Baruch Hashem.

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