Mi Ha’ish (Who is the Person) by the Hava Nagillah Band

Psalms 34:13-15

Sing along in Hebrew to “Who is the Person” performed by the Hava Nagilla Band. The lyrics are taken from Psalms 34:13-15. The video features beautiful photographs of the goodness of Israel.

mee ha-eesh
Who is the man

he-kha-faytz kha-yeem
who desires life

o-hayv ya-meem lir’-ot tov
who loves days to see goodness

n’-tzor l’-shon-kha may-ra
Guard your tongue from evil

u-s-fa-tey-kha mi-da-bayr meer’-ma
and your lips from speaking deceitfully

sur may-ra va-a-say tov
Turn from evil and do good

ba-kaysh sha-lom v’-rad’-fay-hu
seek peace and pursue it

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  • Who is the man who desires life?
    I have to wonder about the man who doesn't…..

  • Thank you. The psalms are so beautiful especially when they are set to music.

  • These videos that show the land of Israel are lovely, lush fields, orchards, beautiful sunflowers, the hills et al. It looks so very different from the pictures we saw in the late 1940s & the 1950 + you have done well Israel, God’s hand of blessing is indeed upon this land, this nation, just like HaShem promised!

  • Beautiful Psalm! I found the Hebrew a little more challenging in this video. It helps that it’s a slow song.

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