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    Parents who adore their children surely want the best for them. They would go to great lengths to make sure their kids get good education, good health care and proper nourishment. In other words they would provide whatever they can afford for their children. At least most of them strive to provide the basics like food, clothing and shelter, but sometimes financial obligations may cause parents to consider other alternatives and still be able to keep their children happy.

    One of the easiest ways to save a lot on spending is in buying used children’s clothing, instead of new ones. Here are just some of the reasons why;

    Cheaper Option

    One of the fastest changing trends is fashion. If you’re an average parent you know how nagging a kid can be when it comes to buying clothes. New clothes are expensive, especially if you try to keep up with trends which might last for as little as a month. You will be shocked to see how much money you spend on children’s clothing alone. Just to keep kids happy, there are shops that sell used branded clothes, which your kid would appreciate and are much cheaper by about 80%.


    For people who think that “used clothes” means tattered, you will be surprised how new they look. What happens is that clothes go with seasons (not fashion in the used ones). A sweater that is bought during winter might not be worn during summer, and so most of these are donated to charity. So you will find that the sweater, like in our example, will have been worn for a short time. The only thing that makes it used is because it had another owner before you, so there is no wrong in wearing it.

    Environmental concerns

    You may not see what clothes have to do with the environment, except keep us warm and covered, but they do have something. The earth, as we know, is slowly deteriorating and there is always a call to conserve our environment. For clothes, the simple fact that materials used to make them come from either plants or animals is reason enough to buy used clothes. Even if one argues that some are synthetic and man-made, those factories that make them produce emissions that damage the environment. But probably the most challenging is that clothes do not decompose fast, and so disposing off worn out clothes damages the environment.

    Before you play this down and say that this has nothing to do with used clothes, if you go back to looking at your kid’s lifestyle you will see the point. Buying cheaper used clothes for them will mean that they will have a wider variety to choose from. On average you will have two pairs of clothes to wash at the end of the day. The rubbing and wringing of clothes loosens the fiber thus getting worn out, so the less often it is washed the lesser the damage on it. They will eventually need to be disposed but at least this will have proven the point.

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