The Making of the Israel Bible

Dear Supporters of “The Israel Bible“,


In my last email I promised some exciting news and am delighted to share with you two incredible developments that have – thank God – been finalized in recent days.


Firstly, we have a Publisher!


I am absolutely thrilled that The Israel Bible will be published by Maggid Books, an imprint of Koren Publishing, Israel’s premier Tanakh publisher! While I met with several outstanding Israeli publishers, I was most impressed with Matthew and Yehoshua Miller who explained to me that their company produced the first Hebrew Bible made by Jews in over 400 years. If you would like to read more about the fascinating history of Eliyahu Koren, click here and here.


Publisher Matthew Miller had this to say about the partnership, “Maggid Books, a division of the premier publisher of Hebrew Bibles, Koren Jerusalem, is delighted to collaborate with Israel365 on publishing The Israel Bible, a first of its kind edition of the Tanakh. With a running commentary highlighting the importance of Israel, we hope that The Israel Bible will become a beloved source of inspiration to both Jewish and non-Jewish students of the Bible, we feel that the interlinear The Israel Bible is filling an important role in explaining the eternal connection between the timeless words and ancient messages of the Tanakh with the miraculous story of the return of the People of Israel to the Land of Israel.”


Secondly, we have a new and improved English translation!


In the last few weeks we finalized an agreement with the Jewish Publication Society and are pleased to announce that we will be using and adapting their new 1985 translation in The Israel Bible. The new translation will be a great enhancement over the current 1917 edition that we have been using and you can be assured there will be no more “thous”, “shalts” and other archaic language. The New Jewish Publication Society of America Tanakh is the gold standard of English translations of the Hebrew Bible and we are thrilled they were willing to let us use it and adapt it, something they rarely ever do.


The special partnership between Israel365, Koren Publishers and the Jewish Publication Society will ensure that The Israel Bible – the Bible you generously contributed to – will be beautiful, meaningful and an appropriate tribute to the God of Israel, the People of Israel, and the Land of Israel.



Tuly Weisz

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