Jezreel, yiz-r’-EL, יִזְרְעֶאל
Jezreel_(city) (Wikipedia)
Tel Jezreel looking east toward Gilboa.
Jezreel (city) is located in Israel
Jezreel (city)
Shown within Israel
LocationYizre'el, Israel
RegionJezreel Valley
Coordinates32°33′28.27″N 35°19′40.63″E / 32.5578528°N 35.3279528°E / 32.5578528; 35.3279528
Part oftown
BuilderTribe of Issachar, Ahab
CulturesHebrew, Kingdom of Israel
Associated withAhab, Jezebel, Naboth, Ahinoam, Jehu, Elijah
Site notes
Excavation dates1990-1996
ArchaeologistsDavid Ussishkin, John Woodhead

Jezreel (Hebrew: יִזְרְעֶאל‬Yizre'el, "God will sow") was an ancient Israelite city and fortress originally within the boundaries of the Tribe of Issachar, and later within the northern Kingdom of Israel. Prior to the division of the United Kingdom of Israel, the city was the hometown of Ahinoam, third wife of King David, Michal, Saul's daughter being the first and Abigail, widow of Nabal being his second. According to the First Book of Kings, the royal palace of King Ahab, "one of the most famous of the royal residences of the kings of Israel", was in Jezreel, adjacent to the vineyard of Naboth. Ahab's capital remained in Samaria.

The modern archaeological site is located on a low hill on the southern edge of the Jezreel Valley's eastern edge in northern Israel. Archaeologists David Ussishkin and John Woodhead believe that Jezreel was a fortress that served as a cavalry base for King Ahab.

Queen Jezebel executed by defenestration in Jezreel, by Gustav Doré
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