Jehu, yay-HU, יֵהוּא
Jehu (Wikipedia)
King of Israel
The tribute of "Jehu of the people of the land of Omri" (Akkadian: 𒅀𒌑𒀀 𒈥 𒄷𒌝𒊑𒄿) as depicted on the Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III
Reignc. 841–814 BCE
CoronationRamoth-Gilead, Israel
PredecessorJehoram of Israel
SuccessorJehoahaz of Israel
Diedc. 814 BCE
IssueJehoahaz of Israel

Jehu (Hebrew: יֵהוּאYehu, meaning "Yahu is He"; Akkadian: Ia-ú-a; Latin: Iehu) was the tenth king of the northern Kingdom of Israel since Jeroboam I, noted for exterminating the house of Ahab at the instruction of Jehovah. He was the son of Jehoshaphat, grandson of Nimshi, and possibly great-grandson of Omri. His reign lasted for 28 years.

William F. Albright has dated his reign to 842–815 BCE, while E. R. Thiele offers the dates 841–814 BCE. The principal source for the events of his reign comes from 2 Kings 9–10.

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