Jonathan, y’-ho-na-TAN, יְהוֹנָתָן
Jonathan_(1_Samuel) (Wikipedia)
Frederic Leighton, Jonathan’s Token to David . Jonathan shooting three arrows to warn David

Jonathan (Hebrew: יְהוֹנָתָןYəhōnāṯān or Yehonatan; or יוֹנָתָןYonatan) is a heroic figure in 1 Samuel in the Hebrew Bible. A prince of the United Kingdom of Israel, he was the eldest son of King Saul as well as a close friend of David, who eventually succeeded Saul as king.

Like his father, he was a man of great strength and swiftness (2 Samuel 1:23), and he excelled in archery (1 Samuel 20:20, 2 Samuel 1:22) and slinging (1 Chronicles 12:2).

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