Timnah, תִמְנָה
Timna (Wikipedia)
Arabic: تمنع
Timna is located in Yemen
Shown within Yemen
RegionShabwah Governorate
Coordinates15°00′06″N 45°48′57″E / 15.00167°N 45.81583°E / 15.00167; 45.81583Coordinates: 15°00′06″N 45°48′57″E / 15.00167°N 45.81583°E / 15.00167; 45.81583

Timna (Arabic: تمنع‎) is an ancient city in Yemen, the capital of the Qataban kingdom; it is distinct from a valley in southern Israel that shares the same name.

During ancient times, Timna was an important hub in the famous Incense Route, which supplied Arabian and Indian incense via camel caravan to ports on the Mediterranean Sea, most notably Gaza, and Petra.

An American excavation of Timna took place in the 1950s chronicled in the book "Qataban and Sheba" by the American archaeologist Wendell Phillips.

For a modern treatment of the city, see: Beihan

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