Shimron (Wikipedia)

Coordinates: 32°42′13″N 35°12′50″E / 32.70361°N 35.21389°E / 32.70361; 35.21389

Tel Shimron

Shimron (Hebrew: שמרון‎) is a nature reserve in Northern Israel.

Shimron was the name of a major city in the north of Israel in early antiquity. It is mentioned in the Bible by this name, and in other period sources as Shim'on. In late antiquity, it was known by the name Simonias (Hebrew: סימונייה). The city is identified with the tell called Tell Samunia in Arabic, also written Samunieh. The tell rises 60 meters above its surroundings, north-east of moshav Nahalal, on the border between the Lower Galilee, and the Jezreel Valley. Today the tell is not settled, Timrat was established alongside, to the east.

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