Sha’ar Hagai

Valley Gate, שַׁעַר הַגַּיְא
Sha'ar Hagai (Wikipedia)
Bab al-Wad in 1917
Road to Jerusalem at Bab al-Wad seen from Arab Legion positions at Latrun, 1948
A bulldozer tows a truck on the "Burma Road" to Jerusalem, June 1948

Sha'ar HaGai (Hebrew: שער הגיא) in Hebrew, or Bab al-Wad in Arabic (Hebrew: באב אל-ואד, Arabic: باب الواد‎ or باب الوادي), lit. Gate of the Valley in both languages, is a point on the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway, 23 km from Jerusalem, where the road begins to ascend through a deep valley flanked by steep rocky slopes, named in Arabic Wadi Ali.

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