Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra

(1089-1164) – Born in Tuleda, Navarre, he was a philosopher, poet, mathematician, astronomer, linguist and biblical exegete. His commentary on the Bible is included in the most common editions of the Hebrew Bible that contain rabbinic commentary.

Ibn Ezra
Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra (Wikipedia)

Abraham ben Meir Ibn Ezra (Hebrew:

אַבְרָהָם אִבְּן עֶזְרָא or ראב"ע

‎; Arabic: ابن عزرا‎; also known as Abenezra or Aben Ezra, 1089–c.1167 ) was one of the most distinguished Jewish biblical commentators and philosophers of the Middle Ages. He was born in Tudela, Navarre, in northern Spain, one of the oldest and most important Jewish communities in Navarre, but the location of his death is uncertain: and for long it had been assumed that he died at Calahorra.

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