Nahmanides painting
(1194-1270) – Rabbi Moshe son of Nachman, also known by his acronym the Ramban (Rabbi Moshe ben Nachman). The Ramban was born in Gerona, Spain. He was one of the leading Torah scholars of the Middle Ages, and authored numerous works on Torah subjects, including a famed commentary on the Pentateuch.

Ramban, Nachmanides
Nahmanides (Wikipedia)
Moses ben Nahman
Nahmanides painting.jpg
21st-century artistic depiction
of Nachmanides in Acre, Israel
EraMedieval philosophy
RegionJewish philosophy
Main interests
Religious law

Moses ben Nahman (Hebrew:

מֹשֶׁה בֶּן־נָחְמָןMōšeh ben-Nāḥmān, "Moses son of Nahman"; 1194–1270), commonly known as Nachmanides (/nækˈmænɪdz/; Greek: Ναχμανίδης Nakhmanídēs), and also referred to by the acronym Ramban /ˌrɑːmˈbɑːn/ (

רמב״ן‬) and by the contemporary nicknameBonastruc ça Porta (literally "Mazel Tov near the Gate", see astruc), was a leading medieval Jewish scholar, Sephardic rabbi, philosopher, physician, kabbalist, and biblical commentator. He was raised, studied, and lived for most of his life in Girona, Catalonia. He is also considered to be an important figure in the re-establishment of the Jewish community in Jerusalem following its destruction by the Crusaders in 1099.

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