Magog, ma-GOG, מָּגוֹג
Magog_(Bible) (Wikipedia)
Illustration of Magog as the first king of Sweden, from Johannes Magnus' Historia de omnibus gothorum sueonumque regibus, 1554 ed.

Magog (/ˈmɡɔːɡ/; Hebrew: מגוג [maˈɡoɡ]; Greek: Μαγωγ) is the second of the seven sons of Japheth mentioned in the Table of Nations in Genesis 10.

While the origin of the term is unclear, it may have referred to Lydia, in what is now Turkey. Its use in Ezekiel 38 has led to it being associated with apocalyptic traditions. Various ancient and medieval traditions have built on the biblical references and added details to it.

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