Gibeon, giv-ON, גִּבְעוֹן
Gibeon_(ancient_city) (Wikipedia)
Gibeon (ancient city) is located in the West Bank
Gibeon (ancient city)
Shown within the West Bank
Gibeon (ancient city) is located in the Palestinian territories
Gibeon (ancient city)
Gibeon (ancient city) (the Palestinian territories)
LocationWest Bank
Coordinates31°50′51″N 35°11′00″E / 31.847451°N 35.183351°E / 31.847451; 35.183351

Gibeon (Hebrew: גבעון‬, Standard Hebrew Giv‘ōn, Tiberian Hebrew Giḇʻôn) was a Canaanite city north of Jerusalem. According to Joshua 10:12 and Joshua 11:19, the pre-conquest inhabitants of Gibeon, the Gibeonites, were Hivites; according to 2 Samuel 21:2 they were Amorites.

The remains of Gibeon are located on the south edge of the Palestinian village of Al Jib.

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