Ein Ganim

En gannim, En-gannim, עֵין גַּנִּים
Ein Ganim (Wikipedia)
Citrus harvest at Ein Ganim, 1923

Ein Ganim (Hebrew: עין גנים‎) was the first moshav poalim in Ottoman Palestine. It was established in 1908 near Petah Tikva by members of the Second Aliyah. The moshav poalim was an attempt to combine farming and urban labor. In addition to working in the city, families received land for tending small kitchen gardens. The moshav poalim differed in approach from the moshav ovdim: It was not based on collective ideology or settling national land. The experiment failed because the kitchen gardens did not generate sufficient income.

According to the 1931 census Ein Ganim had a population of 335 Jews, in 77 houses.

In 1937, Ein Ganim became a neighborhood of Petah Tikva.

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