Hiram, khee-RAM, חִירָם
Hiram_I (Wikipedia)
Hiram I
King of Tyre
Reign980–947 BC (?)
PredecessorAbibaal, ?? – 981 BC (?)
SuccessorBaal-Eser I (Beleazarus I, Ba'l-mazzer I) 946–930 BC (?)
Born1000 BC (?)
Tyre, presumed
Died947 or 946 BC, presumed
DynastyDynasty of Abibaal and Hiram I

Hiram I (Hebrew: חִירָם, "high-born"; Standard Hebrew Ḥiram, Tiberian vocalization Ḥîrām, Modern Arabic: حيرام, also called Hirom or Huram)

was the Phoenician king of Tyre according to the Hebrew Bible. His regnal years have been calculated by some as 980 to 947 BC, in succession to his father, Abibaal. Hiram was succeeded as king of Tyre by his son Baal-Eser I. Hiram is also mentioned in the writings of Menander of Ephesus (early 2nd century BC), as preserved in Josephus's Against Apion, which adds to the biblical account. According to Josephus, Hiram lived for 53 years and reigned 34.

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