Azza (Wikipedia)


Beit Jibrin Camp
Arabic transcription(s)
 • Arabicمخيم بيت جبرين
 • LatinBeit Jibrin Camp (unofficial)
Al 'Azza entrance
Al 'Azza entrance
′Azza is located in the Palestinian territories
Location of ′Azza
Coordinates: 31°42′54.78″N 35°12′07.61″E / 31.7152167°N 35.2021139°E / 31.7152167; 35.2021139Coordinates: 31°42′54.78″N 35°12′07.61″E / 31.7152167°N 35.2021139°E / 31.7152167; 35.2021139
StateState of Palestine
 • TypeRefugee Camp (from 1950)
 • Total20 dunams (0.2 km2 or 0.08 sq mi)
 • Total1,750

′Azza (Arabic: مخيم العزة‎; also spelled ′Azzeh, ′Azzah or Alazzeh) also known as Beit Jibrin Camp (Arabic: مخيم بيت جبرين‎) is a Palestinian refugee camp in the Bethlehem Governorate located within the city of Bethlehem. It is the smallest of the 59 refugee camps in the West Bank and the other Arab countries. It was established in 1950 on an area of 20 dunams (0.020 km2; 0.0077 sq mi) and receives services from UNRWA workers based in nearby Aida camp, but inside the camp there are no medical or educational services, so it was merged with the Aida camp to receive services.

The camp is named after a prominent Arab family from the depopulated village of Beit Jibrin west of the Hebron Hills in present-day Israel. The UNRWA recorded a population of 2,025 in 2005, while the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics projected a population of 1,750 in 2006, with UNRWA reporting a population of approximately 1,337 in 2016.

It has been under the control of the Palestinian National Authority since 1995.

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