Aaron, a-ha-RON, אַהֲרֹן
Aaron (Wikipedia)

Aaron (Kirillo-Belozersk).jpg
Russian icon of Aaron from the 17th century.
Prophet, High Priest
Venerated inJudaism
FeastThe Sunday before Nativity (Sunday of the Holy Fathers of the Old Testament) (Eastern Orthodox Church)
Maronite Church: September 4

Aaron (/ˈærən/ or /ˈɛərən/; Hebrew: אַהֲרֹןAhärôn) is a prophet, high priest, and the brother of Moses in the Abrahamic religions.

Knowledge of Aaron, along with his brother Moses, comes exclusively from religious texts, such as the Bible and Quran. The Hebrew Bible relates that, unlike Moses, who grew up in the Egyptian royal court, Aaron and his elder sister Miriam remained with their kinsmen in the eastern border-land of Egypt (Goshen). When Moses first confronted the Egyptian king about the Israelites, Aaron served as his brother's spokesman ("prophet") to the Pharaoh. Part of the Law (Torah) that Moses received from God at Sinai granted Aaron the priesthood for himself and his male descendants, and he became the first High Priest of the Israelites.

Aaron died before the Israelites crossed the North Jordan river and he was buried on Mount Hor (Numbers 33:39; Deuteronomy 10:6 says he died and was buried at Moserah). Aaron is also mentioned in the New Testament of the Bible.

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