The Israel Bible is a publication whose time has come. In these very critical and tempestuous times it is especially important to understand the inexplicable connection between the nation of Israel and the Land of Israel and this is precisely what Rabbi Tuly Weisz has succeeded in doing in this timely translation of the Bible.”


Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

Chief Rabbi of Efrat and Chancellor of the Center for Jewish Christian Cooperation and Understanding

keith-jThe Bible, the land, and the people of Israel are one, and The Israel Bible reminds us of this bond. You can’t read the Bible, the word of God, without understanding the significance of Israel—past, present, and future. In 1948, the prophecy came to pass in our own time and no one can disconnect the people from their land ever again. Now that the God and people and land of Israel are back together, history is happening here. Jews and Christians share a biblical heritage, and The Israel Bible shows even more clearly that this is the land God chose for the Jewish people.


Pastor Keith Johnson

founder of Biblical Foundations Academy International

Lynda_Janzen[1]My husband and I enjoy so much these devotionals. The Israel Bible quotes in Hebrew give me a chance every day to practise my basic Biblical Hebrew reading skills. Though we are not Jewish (we are Baptists) we understand that the Lord speaks through His Holy Word. Thank you for helping people to hear His voice.


Pastor Lynda Janzen, Kincardine, Ontario, Canada

It is said that one of the greatest gifts that the Jewish people have given to the world is their faithful copying and scribing and sharing of the Torah. Truly the living torah is the source of life; it is a light to the nations. No longer is the Old Testament to be found only on ancient torah scrolls, or in dusty books– it is now accessible through 21st century technology.  We have a new gift to unwrap: it is TheIsraelBible.com.  This recently released online bible, The Israel Bible  is an incredible gift to all lovers of Torah and the Old Testament.  It brings us into the 21st century in how we access and study the scriptures. For those of you who love to study the scriptures, this is a website you will want to save into your favorites and visit often. We thank the team of Jewish scholars who have poured their minds, hearts, labor and love into this amazing online resource. What a gift to the world!


Laura Densmore, News Editor and Production Manager, Hebrew Nation Radio

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