Three More Plagues

God sends Moses to deliver three more plagues: swarms, pestilence (murrain) and boils. The swarms (identified in the Israel Bible ...Read More

The Seventh Plague-Hail

The final plague in our portion this week (the remaining three appear next week) is hail. God again sends Moses ...Read More
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The Portion of Va’era

In this week's portion, God reassures Moses that, despite the seemingly bleak outlook, all is going according to His plan ...Read More

The Burning Bush

Moses takes over herding his father-in-law’s sheep. One day, as he is herding the sheep, he comes upon a strange ...Read More
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The Book of Exodus

Location and geography are central to the Book of Exodus. Ancient Egypt and the barren wilderness form the essential backdrop ...Read More

A Leader is Born

Despite the order to kill all Hebrew male infants, a couple from the tribe of Levi gives birth to a ...Read More
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The Portion of Shemot

This week’s Torah portion tells us of the Israelites’ slavery in Egypt, and sets the stage for their redemption over ...Read More

Descent into Slavery

Our portion opens with the descent of Jacob’s family into Egypt. As mentioned in the Israel Bible, the text identifies ...Read More
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The Book of Genesis

The book of Genesis, Sefer Bereishit, is the first of the Five Books of Moses.  Bereishit begins with a detailed ...Read More

Return to Egypt

Upon returning from Horeb, Moses asks for his father-in-law’s blessing to go back to Egypt and see how his people ...Read More

Moses and Aaron Arrive in Egypt

The Torah tells us now that it is not by chance Aaron was on his way to meet his younger ...Read More

New Neighbors and Enemies

Moses notes for the people a number of nations with whom the Israelites had various interactions over the years. First ...Read More
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