The Priestly Blessing and its Meaning This Week

With Israel under attack from over 4,000 Hamas rockets, this week’s Torah portion contains the Priestly Blessing that contains the ...Read More

Dancing at Jaffa Gate on Jerusalem Day

Prophecy is coming to life RIGHT NOW in Jerusalem's Old City on Jerusalem Day! The words of the prophet Zechariah ...Read More

His Name is Great in Israel This psalm is a song of praise to God for saving the Nation of Israel from its enemies. Though ...Read More

Amen and Amen

❝Blessed is His glorious name forever; His glory fills the whole world. Amen and Amen❞ Psalms 72:19 The word amen is used in ...Read More

Prayer for the Victims of the Meron Tragedy

Join Rabbi Tuly Weisz in his prayer from Psalm 121 "I lift my eyes to the mountains, from where does ...Read More

Above the Thunder

❝Above the thunder of the mighty waters, more majestic than the breakers of the sea❞   Psalms 93:4 In Psalm 93, ...Read More

Grapes: Their Hidden Wisdom and Symbolism in Israel’s History

by Yoni Schwartzman ❝Like the wood of the grapevine among the trees of the forest❞  Ezekiel 15:6 Ezekiel's prophecy emphasizes ...Read More

Bloom like a Date Palm

❝The righteous bloom like a date-palm; they thrive like a cedar in Lebanon❞ Psalms 92:13 In this verse, King David ...Read More

Tavor and Chermon

❝North and south— You created them; Tavor and Chermon sing forth Your name❞ Psalms 89:13 The first segment of this psalm calls out ...Read More

A Seed of Jewish Wisdom

Today, April 22nd, marks the sixty first anniversary of International Earth Day since its initiation in 1970. Earth Day is ...Read More

Apple of His Eye

The Hebrew term 'eeshon bat ayin', lit. 'the apple of the eye’, refers to the pupil, and is used by ...Read More

“I trust in Your faithfulness”

King David’s psalms can be applied to every situation in a person’s life, capturing one’s joy and grief, disappointments and ...Read More
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