Zechariah 11:7
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7  So I tended the sheep meant for slaughter, for those poor men of the sheep. I got two staffs, one of which I named Favor and the other Unity, and I proceeded to tend the sheep.

va-er-EH et TZON ha-ha-ray-GAH la-KHAYN a-ni-YAY ha-TZON va-e-kakh LEE sh’-NAY mak-LOT l’-a-KHAD ka-RA-tee NO-am ul-a-KHAD ka-RA-tee kho-v’-LEEM va-er-EH et ha-TZON

ז  וָאֶרְעֶה אֶת־צֹאן הַהֲרֵגָה לָכֵן עֲנִיֵּי הַצֹּאן וָאֶקַּח־לִי שְׁנֵי מַקְלוֹת לְאַחַד קָרָאתִי נֹעַם וּלְאַחַד קָרָאתִי חֹבְלִים וָאֶרְעֶה אֶת־הַצֹּאן׃

 11:7  One of which I named Favor and the other Unity

The prophet is asked to act as a shepherd to his people, since the previous shepherds had neglected them and were dismissed. In order to guide the flock, the shepherd must carry “two staffs.” One staff is named noam (נעם), meaning ‘favor,’ and the second staff is named chovlim (חבלים). The word chovlim refers to something that ties two items together, and is a metaphor for unity. These staffs represent the characteristics of a good leader; dealing favorably and pleasantly with his people and keeping them united.

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Zechariah 11:7

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