Song of Songs 7:8
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8  Your stately form is like the palm, Your breasts are like clusters.

ZOT ko-ma-TAYKH da-m’-TAH l’-ta-MAR v’-sha-DA-yikh l’-ash-ko-LOT

ח  זֹאת קוֹמָתֵךְ דָּמְתָה לְתָמָר וְשָׁדַיִךְ לְאַשְׁכֹּלוֹת׃

 7:8   Your stately form is like the palm

Date palm in Northern Israel

The date is one of the seven special species of Eretz Yisrael (Deuteronomy 8:8). Like each of the other species, the date, which grows from a palm tree, is also a symbol of the People of Israel. The Sages teach that the palm tree is unique, in that every part of the tree can be used for various purposes including food, shelter and fuel. Similarly, each member of the Jewish people has a unique mission involving various areas of endeavor, such as Torah study, charity and other good deeds. However, the date only has one pit, illustrating that while each individual has a separate mission, the nation has but one heart united by the common goal of fulfilling Hashem’s will in this world.

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Song of Songs 7:8

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