Psalms 8:9
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9  the birds of the heavens, the fish of the sea, whatever travels the paths of the seas.

tzi-POR sha-MA-yim ud-GAY ha-YAM o-VAYR or-KHOT ya-MEEM

ט  צִפּוֹר שָׁמַיִם וּדְגֵי הַיָּם עֹבֵר אָרְחוֹת יַמִּים׃

 8:9   The birds of the heavens

Migrating birds in Israel’s Hula Valley.

What birds did David see passing through the Land of Israel? Israeli ornithologists tell us that there were many. Israel lies along a main route of the bird migration connecting three adjacent continents: Africa, Asia and Europe. Indeed, the prophet Yirmiyahu speaks of the stork knowing her appointed times of migration (8:7), and Iyov (39:26) speaks of the hawk’s migration when he says, “Is it by your wisdom that the hawk grows pinions, spreads his wings to the south?” Today, over 500 million birds from 390 different species pass through Israel’s air space twice a year. The Hula Lake Park in the Upper Galilee is a popular destination for bird watching in modern Israel.

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  • I love tiny birds with tiny feet, especially those with bright colours. Beautiful things Yahweh has indeed made.

  • I think some of the birds David saw were the sparrow and the warbler.

  • Yes, Hula Valley is an amazing place for bird watching, but also there is a sanctuary near the kever of the Zviller Rebbi, and we’ve seen some “ordinary” amazing birds there, and there are information guides as well.

Psalms 8:9

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