Psalms 21:4
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4  You have proffered him blessings of good things, have set upon his head a crown of fine gold.

kee t’-ka-d’-ME-nu bir-KHOT TOV ta-SHEET l’-ro-SHO a-TE-ret PAZ

ד  כִּי־תְקַדְּמֶנּוּ בִּרְכוֹת טוֹב תָּשִׁית לְרֹאשׁוֹ עֲטֶרֶת פָּז׃

 21:4   Set upon his head a crown of fine gold

Welcome sign, Ateret, Israel

This psalm praises the king of Israel and prays that he conquer Israel’s enemies. Hashem places a gold crown on his head, as a symbol of His protection and providence. The first king of Israel, Shaul, came from the tribe of Binyamin. The prophet Shmuel anoints him in the hills of Efraim and the nation rallies behind him and crowns him king. In 1981, a few families established a new community in the land of the tribe of Binyamin. They called the village Ateret, the Hebrew word used in this verse for ‘crown.’ Over the years, the settlement has grown and now boasts hundreds of people, synthesizing working the land with a commitment to God and the nation.

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  • The King of Israel, The Mighty Head crowned with Gold. The Gold Crown the symbol of protection of God. The Protection and Blessings of God. He is annotated in the hills of Samaria and the nation rallies around him. They were from the tribe of Benjamin. All for the Glory of God as a Nation, a Peoples. Which brings up a question I once had and answered myself. I had asked a Jewish friend what was her Nationality? She told me Jewish. No I said Country of Origin. She told me America but She was Jewish. He family was from Poland but she was not Polish. She told me that she was born a Jew would always be a Jew. That God always cam first. Agreed I told her. Her National Heritage, Religious, Ethnic, all self was always Jewish and nothing more or else. I sincerely understand. The crown of Gold, the Blessing of God. The leadership of God and His promises. David His appointed leader here on Earth. Davids people, God's people directed by God to follow David and the priesthood and the Prophets. all working together to first follow God, then to create the nation of Israel. Carl


Psalms 21:4

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