Leviticus 19:18
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18  You shall not take vengeance or bear a grudge against your countrymen. Love your fellow as yourself: I am Hashem.

lo ti-KOM v’-lo ti-TOR et b’-NAY a-ME-kha v’-a-hav-TA l’-ray-a-KHA ka-MO-kha a-NEE a-do-NAI

יח  לֹא־תִקֹּם וְלֹא־תִטֹּר אֶת־בְּנֵי עַמֶּךָ וְאָהַבְתָּ לְרֵעֲךָ כָּמוֹךָ אֲנִי יְהֹוָה׃

 19:18   Love your fellow as yourself

In a speech given in 1944 to a gathering of youth groups in Haifa, Prime Minister David Ben Gurion referred to these words as an example of how Judaism serves as a paradigm of a society built on morality, peace and love: “Ours was a tiny nation inhabiting a small country, and there have been many tiny nations and many small countries, but ours was a tiny nation possessed of a great spirit; an inspired people that believed in its pioneering mission to all men, in the mission that had been preached by the prophets of Israel. This people gave the world great and eternal moral truths and commandments. This people rose to prophetic visions of the unity of the Creator with His creation, of the dignity and infinite worth of the individual because every man is created in the divine image, of social justice, universal peace, and love: ‘Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.’  This people was the first to prophesy about ‘the end of days,’ the first to see the vision of a new human society.” Even though Ben Gurion was not a religious Jew, he was deeply influenced by the Bible, which had a profound impact on his outlook and his actions on behalf of the Jewish State.

Prime Minister David Ben Gurion (1886-1973)

Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, 1962

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  • The "Aleph/Tav symbol appears in this verse, connecting Messiah to "the children of thy people". The children (your neighbor) belongs to Adonai. It is HIS commandment to so respect and lift up. Therefore, it's no coincidence the symbol also opens v. 19 in relation to the phrase, "My statutes you will keep". Very Holy principles, indeed!

  • "Love your neighbor as yourself" is a powerful commandment, but it's important to always remember that it comes in second place to an even greater commandment: "Love Elohim with all your heart, your mind and your strength".
    If you're having trouble with the first commandment, the second one is always going to fall far short of accomplishing the good that is contained therein.
    Baruch Hashem.

    • How can one love their neighbour who does not love Hashem, who is himself love. There are so many different kinds of love in the world today, and love for all sorts of things too. But Hashem's love is the purest of all, first we need to accept His love and then we can give it to those in need.
      Random acts of kindness come from the love that Hashem shares with us.


Leviticus 19:18

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