Joshua 16:2
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2  From Beit El it ran to Luz and passed on to the territory of the Archites at Ataroth,

v’-ya-TZA mi-bayt EL LU-zah v’-a-VAR el g’-VUL ha-ar-KEE a-ta-ROT

ב  וְיָצָא מִבֵּית־אֵל לוּזָה וְעָבַר אֶל־גְּבוּל הָאַרְכִּי עֲטָרוֹת׃

 16:2   From Beit El it ran

Sign indentifying Yaakov’s rock at Beit El

Beit El, located in the territory of the tribe of Binyamin, near the border with Efraim, has an important place in Jewish history. It is near the site where Avraham built an altar and called out in Hashem’s name (Genesis 12:8). It is where Yaakov prayed, and dreamt about the angels ascending and descending a ladder that reached to the heavens (Genesis 28:12). It was also there that Yaakov received the promise that his children would inherit the Land of Israel (28:14). In 1838, the famous biblical archaeologist Edward Robinson identified the ancient site of Beit El. Following the Six Day War, a modern Jewish community was founded adjacent to the ancient site, and given the same name. Contemporary Beit El is the home of hundreds of Jewish families who are raising their children in the city of their forefathers.

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Joshua 16:2

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