Job 6:27
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27  You would even cast lots over an orphan, Or barter away your friend.

af al ya-TOM ta-PEE-lu v’-tikh-RU al ray-a-KHEM

כז  אַף־עַל־יָתוֹם תַּפִּילוּ וְתִכְרוּ עַל־רֵיעֲכֶם׃

6:27   You would even cast lots over an orphan

In Sefer Yeshayahu, the impending destruction of the Land of Israel and exile of its people is attributed to the corruption of the residents of Yerushalayim. Yeshayahu illustrates this corruption with examples, such as failing to pursue justice for orphans (Isaiah 1:23). Similarly, Iyov warns his fellows that while they might view themselves as righteous, it is for their kindness to the needy, such as himself, that they will be rewarded, and for its lack that they will be punished.

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Job 6:27

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