Job 36:31
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31  By these things He controls peoples; He gives food in abundance.

kee VAM ya-DEEN a-MEEM yi-TEN O-khel l’-makh-BEER

לא  כִּי־בָם יָדִין עַמִּים יִתֶּן־אֹכֶל לְמַכְבִּיר׃

 36:31   He gives food in abundance

Hashem uses His control over nature to punish people and to reward them. If He judges mankind favorably, then He will provide “food in abundance.” This is especially true in the Land of Israel, as expressed in Sefer Devarim (11:13-17). God says that if the Children of Israel perform good deeds and follow His com­mands, He will reward them with rain at the proper times, which will produce bountiful crops. Conversely, drought and famine are the punishments for national sin. It is important to recognize that while rain and drought are seemingly natural phenomena, they are actually Hashem’s vehicle for reward and punishment, and for communicating with His children.

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Job 36:31

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