Job 12:22
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22  He draws mysteries out of the darkness, And brings obscurities to light.

m’-ga-LEH a-mu-KOT mi-nee KHO-shekh va-yo-TZAY la-OR tzal-MA-vet

כב  מְגַלֶּה עֲמֻקוֹת מִנִּי־חֹשֶׁךְ וַיֹּצֵא לָאוֹר צַלְמָוֶת׃

 12:22   He draws mysteries out of the darkness

The Hebrew words for “He draws mysteries” are m’galeh amukot (מגלה עמוקות). The word m’galeh comes from the root legalot (לגלות), which means to reveal or discover. The same Hebrew letters are also found in the word galut (גלות), meaning exile or expulsion. This similarity is no mere play on words. Rather, according to Rabbi David Stavsky, a profound lesson emerges from the connection between these two words. “Nothing is more difficult for a human being than to be exiled from his native land, yet nothing can be more rewarding than discovering a way out of exile.” In the connection between the Hebrew words for exile and discovery, we see the great aspiration of the Jewish people to end their exile through the discovery of, and return to, their native homeland.

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Job 12:22

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