Ecclesiastes 2:5
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5  I laid out gardens and groves, in which I planted every kind of fruit tree.

a-SEE-tee LEE ga-NOT u-far-day-SEEM v’-na-TA-tee va-HEM AYTZ kol PE-ree

ה  עָשִׂיתִי לִי גַּנּוֹת וּפַרְדֵּסִים וְנָטַעְתִּי בָהֶם עֵץ כָּל־פֶּרִי׃

 2:5   I planted every kind of fruit tree

Beach blossoms in the Land of Israel.

How is it possible that King Shlomo planted all kinds of fruit trees in his garden, if different trees require different climates in order to grow? The Sages of the Midrash say that in his wisdom, King Shlomo understood that Yerushalayim is the heart of the world, and the foundation from which the rest of the earth was created. Since it contains spiritual channels that lead to all other places, Shlomo was able to plant every kind of fruit tree in Yerushalayim. According to tradition, he knew which part of Yerushalayim gives its strength to Africa and which location is connected to India, and was able to plant the trees of these climates in those areas.

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Ecclesiastes 2:5

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