Ecclesiastes 10:19
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19  They make a banquet for revelry; wine makes life merry, and money answers every need.

lis-KHOK o-SEEM LE-khem v’-YA-yin y’-sa-MAKH kha-YEEM v’-ha-KE-sef ya-a-NEH et ha-KOL

יט  לִשְׂחוֹק עֹשִׂים לֶחֶם וְיַיִן יְשַׂמַּח חַיִּים וְהַכֶּסֶף יַעֲנֶה אֶת־הַכֹּל׃

 10:19   Money answers every need

Following the previous verse which opposes laziness, this verse encourages man to be industrious and to earn money. Metzudat David comments that unlike other pleasures, money is helpful in all situations. Whether a person is sick or healthy, happy or depressed, everybody benefits from financial stability. The Hebrew word for ‘money’ is kesef (כסף), related to the verb kasaf (כ-ס-ף) which means to ‘yearn.’ Money is something for which all people yearn, and that is what gives it its value. However, as King Shlomo warns in other verses (see 5:9), the pursuit of wealth for its own sake is futile; it must only be used in the service of Hashem.

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Ecclesiastes 10:19

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