Amos 7:8
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8  And Hashem asked me, “What do you see, Amos?” “A plumb line,” I replied. And my Lord declared, “I am going to apply a plumb line to My people Yisrael; I will pardon them no more.

va-YO-mer a-do-NAI ay-LAI mah a-TAH ro-EH a-MOS va-o-MAR a-NAKH va-YO-mer a-do-NAI hi-n’-NEE SAM a-NAKH b’-KE-rev a-MEE yis-ra-AYL lo o-SEEF OD a-VOR LO

ח  וַיֹּאמֶר יְהֹוָה אֵלַי מָה־אַתָּה רֹאֶה עָמוֹס וָאֹמַר אֲנָךְ וַיֹּאמֶר אֲדֹנָי הִנְנִי שָׂם אֲנָךְ בְּקֶרֶב עַמִּי יִשְׂרָאֵל לֹא־אוֹסִיף עוֹד עֲבוֹר לוֹ׃

7:8  I am going to apply a plumb line to My people Yisrael

Amos is shown a vision of a plumb line, a construction tool used to measure the vertical straightness of a wall by means of a string with a piece of lead tied to it. This is important, because if the wall is leaning or uneven, it will be unstable and may eventually collapse under its own weight as it is being built, or afterwards. Here, the plumb line is a symbol of God’s examination of the people’s moral uprightness. Their pretensions of integrity are symbolized by a wall being built higher and higher. When He checks it, he finds the measurements lacking.

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  • Seeker

    Verse 8: This sounds much more like a prophecy of the coming Mashiach, whereby all of Israel (and eventually all of mankind) would be judged—HaShem’s standard (plum line), and not man’s.

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Amos 7:8

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