II Samuel 2:4
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4  The men of Yehuda came and there they anointed David king over the House of Yehuda. David was told about the men of Jabesh-gilead who buried Shaul.

va-ya-VO-u an-SHAY y’-hu-DAH va-yim-sh’-khu SHAM et da-VID l’-ME-lekh al BAYT y’-hu-DAH va-ya-GI-du l’-da-VID lay-MOR an-SHAY ya-VAYSH gil-AD a-SHER ka-v’-RU at sha-UL

ד  וַיָּבֹאוּ אַנְשֵׁי יְהוּדָה וַיִּמְשְׁחוּ־שָׁם אֶת־דָּוִד לְמֶלֶךְ עַל־בֵּית יְהוּדָה וַיַּגִּדוּ לְדָוִד לֵאמֹר אַנְשֵׁי יָבֵישׁ גִּלְעָד אֲשֶׁר קָבְרוּ אֶת־שָׁאוּל׃

 2:4   The men of Yehuda came and there they anointed David king over the House of Yehuda

At God’s instruction, following the death of King Shaul, David goes to the holy city of Chevron. There, he is anointed king by the people of Yehuda. Though the prophet Shmuel had already anointed him, his anointment by the people demonstrates their acceptance of his reign. King David rules from Chevron for seven and one half years (see verse 11). This shows that Chevron is not only the burial site of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs Avraham and Sara, Yitzchak and Rivka and Yaakov and Leah; it is also the cradle of Israel’s monarchy. Today’s Jewish community of Chevron serves a critical function by preserving Jewish sovereignty over this ancient and historic city, and the right of all to pray at the Cave of the Patriarchs.

Ariel view of the Cave of Machpelah and city of Chevron

The Cave of the Patriarchs in Chevron.

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II Samuel 2:4

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