II Samuel 14:2
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2  so Yoav sent to Tekoa and brought a clever woman from there. He said to her, “Pretend you are in mourning; put on mourning clothes and don’t anoint yourself with oil; and act like a woman who has grieved a long time over a departed one.

va-yish-LAKH yo-AV t’-KO-ah va-yi-KAKH mi-SHAM i-SHAH kha-kha-MAH va-YO-mer ay-LE-ha hit-a-b’-lee NA v’-liv-shee NA vig-day AY-vel v’-al ta-SU-khee SHE-men v’-ha-YEET k’-i-SHAH ZEH ya-MEEM ra-BEEM mit-a-BE-let al MAYT

ב  וַיִּשְׁלַח יוֹאָב תְּקוֹעָה וַיִּקַּח מִשָּׁם אִשָּׁה חֲכָמָה וַיֹּאמֶר אֵלֶיהָ הִתְאַבְּלִי־נָא וְלִבְשִׁי־נָא בִגְדֵי־אֵבֶל וְאַל־תָּסוּכִי שֶׁמֶן וְהָיִית כְּאִשָּׁה זֶה יָמִים רַבִּים מִתְאַבֶּלֶת עַל־מֵת׃

 14:2   So Yoav sent to Tekoa

Ariel view of Tekoa

According to Rashi, the biblical town of Tekoa, located near both Yerushalayim and Chevron, was well known for its abundance of both olive oil and wisdom.  Today, the modern community of Tekoa is an important part of the Gush Etzion region of Judea. It is home to over 750 Jewish families, and is known throughout Israel as a community where Orthodox and secular Jews live together in mutual respect and harmony.  It is also known for its efforts to forge peaceful ties with neighboring Arab villages.

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II Samuel 14:2

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