II Kings 25:9
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9  He burned the House of Hashem, the king’s palace, and all the houses of Yerushalayim; he burned down the house of every notable person.

va-yis-ROF et bayt a-do-NAI v’-et BAYT ha-ME-lekh v’-ayt kol ba-TAY y’-ru-sha-LA-im v’-et kol BAYT ga-DOL sa-RAF ba-AYSH

ט  וַיִּשְׂרֹף אֶת־בֵּית־יְהֹוָה וְאֶת־בֵּית הַמֶּלֶךְ וְאֵת כָּל־בָּתֵּי יְרוּשָׁלִַם וְאֶת־כָּל־בֵּית גָּדוֹל שָׂרַף בָּאֵשׁ׃

 25:9   He burned the House of Hashem

At the time, this is the greatest calamity to have ever occurred to the Children of Israel. Hashem permits Nebuchadnezzar to destroy His Beit Hamikdash, the spiritual center of the universe. He also allows the burning of the king’s house, which represents the monarchy, and the houses of prayer and study in Yerushalayim. The nation is exiled, and only a small group of poor people remains in the land under the leadership of Gedalya the son of Achikam. When Gedalya is killed and the rest of the people flee to Egypt, it seems that all ties between the Children of Israel and their land have been lost, as there isn’t even a small Jewish presence left in Eretz Yisrael. However, despite the utter desecration, destruction and despair, the People of Israel will again rise and the Beit Hamikdash will be rebuilt. Sefer Melachim hints to this renewal as it ends on a somewhat positive note with the release of King Yehoyachin from prison and his rise in stature.

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II Kings 25

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  • Dr Hans Schilder

    Regarding the Christians as mentioned in the video: in Matthew 23:2-3 Jezus orders us to listen carefully to the rabbi’s. He says a few things more, but this instruction is clear.

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II Kings 25:9

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