I Samuel 7:16
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16  Each year he made the rounds of Beit El, Gilgal, and Mitzpa, and acted as judge over Yisrael at all those places.

v’-ha-LAKH mi-DAY sha-NAH b’-sha-NAH v’-sa-VAV bayt AYL v’-ha-gil-GAL v’-ha-mitz-PAH v’-sha-FAT et yis-ra-AYL AYT kol ha-m’-ko-MOT ha-AY-leh

טז  וְהָלַךְ מִדֵּי שָׁנָה בְּשָׁנָה וְסָבַב בֵּית־אֵל וְהַגִּלְגָּל וְהַמִּצְפָּה וְשָׁפַט אֶת־יִשְׂרָאֵל אֵת כָּל־הַמְּקוֹמוֹת הָאֵלֶּה׃

 7:16   Each year he made the rounds

Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook (1865-1935)

As the prophet and judge of the People of Israel, Shmuel could follow Eli’s example and require that the people come to him. However, he does not wish to live in an ivory tower. Shmuel becomes a different type of leader, who goes to the people in order to meet with them, inspire and serve them. Thus, he travels to the major cities of Israel on an annual basis. He serves as a role model for future leaders who would travel throughout the land to the homes and communities of their followers to offer inspiration. This has long been the practice of Israel’s chief rabbis, whose mission includes traveling throughout Israel to reach and teach the people they serve. One of the most famous examples was when Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook and nine other prominent rabbis visited early Jewish agricultural settlements in the Galilee region in 1913-14. Many of the residents of these settlements were not religiously observant, but Rabbi Kook and his colleagues felt obligated to teach them, and show their love to them all.

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  • When reading this in the morning I did not realize the importance of Samuel’s visiting the 3 cities annually until I read the study. This has opened my eyes.

I Samuel 7:16

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