I Samuel 22:13
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13  And Shaul said to him, “Why have you and the son of Yishai conspired against me? You gave him food and a sword, and inquired of Hashem for him—that he may rise in ambush against me, as is now the case.”

va-YO-mer ay-LAV sha-UL LA-mah k’-shar-TEM a-LAI a-TAH u-ven yi-SHAI b’-ti-t’-KHA LO LE-khem v’-KHE-rev v’-sha-OL LO bay-lo-HEEM la-KUM ay-LAI l’-o-RAYV ka-YOM ha-ZEH

יג  וַיֹּאמֶר אלו [אֵלָיו] שָׁאוּל לָמָּה קְשַׁרְתֶּם עָלַי אַתָּה וּבֶן־יִשָׁי בְּתִתְּךָ לוֹ לֶחֶם וְחֶרֶב וְשָׁאוֹל לוֹ בֵּאלֹהִים לָקוּם אֵלַי לְאֹרֵב כַּיּוֹם הַזֶּה׃

 22:13   And inquired of Hashem for him

Replica of the priestly breastplate on the central Sephardic synagogue in Ramat Gan

The Urim Ve’Tumim, mystical objects in the Kohen Gadol’s breastplate, were used to receive communication from Hashem. Divine messages were transmitted through the illumination of the twelve stones on the breast­plate, which represented the twelve tribes of IsraelRashi explains that by using the Urim Ve’Tumim to ask Hashem to provide instruction to David , the Kohanim treated David as a king, since they are not allowed to inquire of the Urim Ve’Tumim for a regular citizen.  Thus, King Shaul was angry not only that Achimelech had assisted David, but that he related to him as the king.  The use of the Urim Ve’Tumim is another example of the high level of God’s direct involvement in the lives of the Children of Israel, felt most acutely in Eretz Yisrael.


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I Samuel 22:13

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