I Samuel 19:12
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12  Michal let David down from the window and he escaped and fled.

va-TO-red mi-KHAL et da-VID b’-AD ha-kha-LON va-YAY-lekh va-yiv-RAKH va-yi-ma-LAYT

יב  וַתֹּרֶד מִיכַל אֶת־דָּוִד בְּעַד הַחַלּוֹן וַיֵּלֶךְ וַיִּבְרַח וַיִּמָּלֵט׃

 19:12   Michal let David down from the window

Michal, daughter of King Shaul, is David’s wife. Shaul had thought that she would be loyal to her father and surrender David to him. However, like her brother Yehonatan, Michal recognizes that David and his descendants are destined to be the eternal kings of Israel. She risks her life to help her beloved husband escape. According to the Sages (Sanhedrin 19b), when Shaul later gives her as a wife to another man (25:44), they heroically refrain from all contact with each other, as they both understand that she is still married to David. Her loyalty to Hashem’s will, despite the risks involved, forever serves as an inspiration to those who seek to overcome all challenges to do the will of God.

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I Samuel 19:12

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