I Chronicles 8:28
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28  These were the chiefs of the clans, according to their lines. These chiefs dwelt in Yerushalayim.

AY-leh ra-SHAY a-VOT l’-to-l’-do-TAM ra-SHEEM AY-leh ya-sh’-VU vee-ru-sha-LA-im

כח  אֵלֶּה רָאשֵׁי אָבוֹת לְתֹלְדוֹתָם רָאשִׁים אֵלֶּה יָשְׁבוּ בִירוּשָׁלָ ִם׃

 8:28   These chiefs dwelt in Yerushalayim

These members of the tribe of Binyamin chose to live in Yerushalayim. As Radak states, this is not surprising since the territory of Binyamin includes part of Yerushalayim. However, it becomes more difficult to understand when we look at the archaeological record, which shows that the only part of Yerushalayim included in the tribe of Binyamin was the area of Har HaBayit. The rest of the city, including the houses, extended southwards into the territory of Yehuda. Nevertheless, these Benjaminites chose to live outside their tribal lands since Yerushalayim was so beloved to them.

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  • Pauline allen


  • Joe

    "Was so beloved to them".

    Unnecessary supposition🛑

  • Phyllis Pearson

    Ummm! That is strange isn't it, and yet doesn't it show the depth of their love and commitment to Jerusalem? It's also interesting that the only section of Jerusalem that was part of Benjamin's land is the Temple Mount. If ever one needed more proof to the world that Temple Mount has always been in the domain of the Jewish people, well – what more proof do they need.

    Oh the amazing faithfulness of Benjamin and his people. It also speaks to those of us who love Jerusalem, even though we in so many places around the world. HaShem has given us a great love for Jerusalem and Israel, it's almost like it is our own. I have Jewish ancestry, I wonder if my family lived there, and what would they make of the great love HaShem has given us for the land and the people, for the city, for the country that is so loved by himself.

    • Phyllis Pearson

      Somehow the word to live has been left out, I'm sorry. "Even though we live in so many places around the world" it should have read.

I Chronicles 8:28

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