Tavor and Chermon

Psalms 89:13

North and south— You created them; Tavor and Chermon sing forth Your name

Psalms 89:13

The first segment of this psalm calls out to God in praise of the wonderful acts of kindness and love He does for the world. While praising God and acknowledging that He is Creator and Master of the world, the psalmist turns to the great mountains Tavor and Chermon. Mount Tavor is where the great battle of Barak against the army of Sisera, king of Cana’an, took place. Mount Chermon is the highest point in the Land of Israel, soaring over 2.200 meters above sea level in the currently Israeli-controlled part of the mountain range, and reaching over 2800 meters above sea level at its peak. These magnificent mountains rejoice in God’s Mount Tavor name, and testify to the greatness of their Creator.


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