God’s Future Plan to Overshadow Passover’s Ancient Miracles

Exodus, Jeremiah 23
While we all love and enjoy Passover, Jewish tradition says something surprising about the future of this beloved holiday. According to one opinion in the Talmud (Berachot 12b), the Biblical miracles of Passover will be completely overshadowed by what God has in store for us in the end times. Blood, Frogs, the Splitting of the Sea… that is nothing compared to what the Almighty has planned for the future redemption of Israel and the world. How could there be any miracles greater than the 10 Plagues?! How could anything top the Exodus from Egypt?! The answer lies in a close reading of Jeremiah 23: ’Behold, days are coming’, says the Lord, ‘when they will no longer say, ‘As God lives, who brought the Jews out of the Egypt,’ but, ‘as God lives, who raised and returned the Jews from the northern lands and from every country into which I had driven them, and they will dwell on their own Land. What will make the future redemption even greater than our Exodus from Egypt is that it will be accompanied by the greatest biblical miracle ever imagined: the Ingathering of the Exiles. After 2,000 years of separation from the Land, it would be historically unprecedented if even a small number of Jews were to rediscover our ancient homeland. However, Jeremiah promises that Jews will return, not only as an isolated community, but from all four corners of the world! On the most basic level, this pipe dream would have been logistically impossible just one century ago: the communication and transportation challenges were insurmountable. There was no one language to communicate with all of world Jewry. And even if there was, there was no way to reach all of them spread out to the far flung corners of the Earth. And even if, by some miracle, you could communicate with them, there was no good way to get to the Promised Land.

And even if, by some miracle, somehow, large numbers of Jews got to Israel, there was not even the most basic infrastructure to absorb them: there were no modern roads, plumbing or any other kind of industry to speak of. The list goes on and on. Who could have imagined that in the last century, entire Jewish communities have picked up and resettled in the Land of Israel, just as the Prophet described?! Who could believe that for the first time since Jeremiah spoke those words, a majority of the world’s Jewry lives under a Jewish government, in one of the most advanced countries in the world?!The first Israeli Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook (1865-1935), explained that this is precisely why the miracle of our future/current redemption is even greater than the miraculous Exodus from Egypt. It would have been easier for God to break the laws of nature like He did with the Ten Plagues and the Splitting of the Sea, than to orchestrate our return to Israel through natural means. Yet, in His Divine wisdom and abundant mercy, He has begun to do just that. Our generation has been blessed to see the miraculous restoration of the Hebrew language, the ingathering of Jews from Arab and African countries, the upheaval of the Holocaust and the rebirth of the Jewish State after 2,000long years of exile. Passover is our time to explore the miracles that God performed for us long ago, and to appreciate His active role in our own lives as well. We who are fortunate enough to live in this generation, when we see with our own eyes the fulfillment of these grand Biblical prophecies, were put here for a reason and must not merely stand by as passive onlookers. As you study The Israel Bible Passover Haggadah, make a commitment to connect more with Israel, pray more for Israel, bless Israel and play a role in the most exciting drama of human history and the greatest Biblical miracles ever described.

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  • Tonya

    It's so amazing that I was chosen in the beginning of creation for right here right now to witness god and his mighty power restore his people to there rightful land to see every knee bow before him that will be the sight to rejoice for to thank him for protecting the tree of life so that adam and eve eat of that tree and keep us stuck in our sin for eternity I sing holy holy holy is our god almighty…. I know I'm a child of god I know I'm going to witness some wonders and watch people stuck in aw unfortunately this story does not end well for everyone by there won will and rejection of our Lord Jesus Christ but i will put on the armor of god and take my place as iv been called when it's my time to shine I will save every soul he tells me to by the power of the holy spirit that lives within me god bless Israel god bless the Jews god bless the gentiles who believe in jesus and never loos there faith …glory be to God the great I am

  • LittleCricket

    Covid is like Passover in Egypt.
    Stay in your house.
    The Greatest Passover ever, because, it involves His entire planet.

    • Deborah

      Except for the fact that God orchestrated the plagues of Egypt to get His people to the Holy Land, but evil men and women have spread the lies of this worldwide fraud called Convid to execute genocide of a massive scale. 25% of Israel is now so-called “vaccinated” with this gene altering chemo bio warfare and is now being imprisoned once again. Except now it’s in their own free country. Mind boggling! Us dupes in the US aren’t far behind. The Ezekiel 38 war then Jacobs trouble per the Book of Revelation are in the near future. Israel as a whole nation needs to repent for unbelief in their Yeshua haMashiach now. Yeshua/Jesus proclaimed that when He returns it will be at a crucial moment, otherwise no flesh would remain.

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