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  • Myriam Cox

    I love God's Word! I love Israel ! This study will be amazing!

  • Tariq Habib

    love for all on the cost of peace

  • C. Uma jayakumar

    Sandra's now Exodus classes are so awesome and excellent. 🙏

  • C. Uma jayakumar

    Praise the Lord 🙏pastor, happy to hear about Hebrew classes every Thursday kindly send me the timings and links 🙏

  • Leslie Johnson

    I’m not seeing a way to enroll

  • Michael Elliott

    I liked your short introduction to the Exodus course.

    I gather it takes place on Wednesdays.

    At what time in the UK?

    How do I find out how to enrol? Will I be able to see lesson 1?

  • Brenda Noach

    Very much interested in learning Hebrew because I am a Bible Teacher to many pastors. My hope is to become a Rabbi

  • Sharon Helton

    Hi, this is Sharon in Virginia. What time is this class eastern time on Thursdays?

  • Doris Wearp

    So excited you are teaching again, thank you!

  • Yonatan

    Dear rabbi,

    I heard your invitation to learn bible with you but you did not says when your class will be. What I suppose to do?

    • Hendree kaulafa

      I love Israel forever.

  • Roya Safari

    Shalom, kind holy Rabbi Elan Adler. I saw and heard you on sunday 21.02.2021 at 14, oclock. I have notbook and wrot what you learned us. Many Words and Meaning I learned, thanks a Are realt a good kind Rabbi, Teacher. I. Will pay for that, if you let me. But I cannot find zoom. Maybe Learning later. Thanks so much.

    Kind regards

    Roya Safari from Norway, Oslo.

  • Anna Johansson

    I live in Australia how may I access your class?

  • Robin Lee Benjamin

    This is so exciting I will be looking forward to learning, I have been studying through the Internet from home. I found the schedule under Academy on your website. Thank you for providing this wonderful opportunity.

  • Lillian Cordice

    What time on Tuesday is the course? Is it possible to get the recordings? I work until 6pm

  • Roya Safari

    Shabath shalom, holy kind Rabbi Elan and all of you kind holy friends. I cannot find Your class, if is in zoom, i do not know how can be open then. Please hjelp me tell me what, how can I do to listen. I can pay some money for then, please help me.

  • Sara Heidemann

    When will this be?

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