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  • Debra

    Hello Rabbi, I was touched by a angle. And I have a picture of it. I went through a spiritual awakening during the blood moon of September of 2015. My name is Debra. Our Heavenly Father was speaking in my head loud and clear. He told me a few things.

  • Hendree kaulafa

    Yes its Amazing to hear from you I'm here in Solomon Islands.

  • Daniel Felice

    Sounds interesting. From comments below and mine also, being in the USA, what is the eastern time, EST, start of your class?

  • Doug and Karen

    Yes, this sounds great! We're up in Boston and hope this will work with our schedules.
    So, what time on Tuesdays will this be aired? And for how many weeks?

  • Sharon Helton

    Hi Rabbi, what day/time is this Eastern time in the U.S.?

  • Robin L Benjamin

    Sounds fantastic, where is the schedule? I live in Sun Valley, NV and I'm a Born Again believer. I dream of coming to Israel and getting dual citizenship.

  • Deborah Dinkledine

    Rabbi, I am Deborah in Indiana, United States. What time can I catch your class? I am truly searching because most classes are during the day hours but I am working in a school and can’t catch those classes. This is a struggle for many of us who work still!

    • Esh

      Deborah see if he is on youtube with his classes, hope this helps ?

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