Ask the Rabbi: Why Did German Christians Bring a Golden Menorah to Israel? Isaiah 60:5

Isaiah 60:5

What are these young German Christians doing in Israel with a golden menorah?


Is it magical? Is it mythical? I think NOT! This is prophecy fulfilled! By bringing this beautiful menorah to the Holy Land, they are fulfilling Isaiah’s prophecy; “As you behold, you will glow; Your heart will throb and thrill— For the wealth of the sea shall pass on to you, The riches of nations shall flow to you” (Isiah 60:5).

The riches of nations are flowing into the Land of Israel! This menorah is the result of donations, both financial and material, from Israel loving Christians.

Watch as Rabbi Tuly speaks with Alexander and Luca about what inspired them to create this beautiful menorah and gift it to the Jewish People:

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