From Egypt to Mount Sinai


The Israelites journeyed from Raamses to Succoth, about six hundred thousand men on foot, aside from children.
Exodus 12:37
Having journeyed from Rephidim, they entered the wilderness of Sinai and encamped in the wilderness. Yisrael encamped there in front of the mountain,
Exodus 19:2

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This map traces the journey of the Children of Israel from Egypt to Mount Sinai as described in Exodus 12:37-19:2.

  1. The Children of Israel leave Egpyt from Ramses (Exodus 12:37) on the 15th of Nissan.
  2. Their first stop on the journey from Egypt is Succoth (Exodus 12:37).
  3. From Succoth they travel to Etham (Exodus 13:19).
  4. They camp between Midgol and the sea while the Egyptian army pursues them (Exodus 14:1-14).
  5. The sea splits, allowing the Jews to cross on dry land while the pursuing Egyptian army drowns (Exodus 14:15-31).
  6. The people travel to Marah where they find bitter water.  God sweetens the water for them, gives them some laws and promises to be their healer (Exodus 15:23-26).
  7. In Elim they find 12 springs of water and 70 palm trees (Exodus 15:27).
  8. In the wilderness of Sin they complain about the lack of food and are given manna from heaven and quail to eat (Exodus 16:1-36).
  9. They again lack water in Rephidim.  God provides water from a rock after which Amalek attacks (Exodus 17:1-16).
  10. From Rephidim the people travel to the wilderness of Sinai and camp near Mount Sinai (Exodus 19:1-2).  It is here that they are given the Torah, make the golden calf and build the Tabernacle. 

* This map follows one of several opinions, some locations are approximate