Hodu (Give Thanks) by Yehudah Katz

Sing along in Hebrew to “B’Kori Aneni” performed by Shira Chadasha Women’s choir. The lyrics are taken from Psalm 97:12.

והודו לזכר קדשו
למען יזמרך כבוד ולא ידום
שועתי אליך ותרפאני
שמע ה’ וחנני , ה’ היה עוזר לי
אליך ה’ אקרא, ואל ה’ אתחנן
ברצונך העמדת להררי עוז, הסתרת פניך הייתי נבהל

Give thanks to His holy name.
So that my soul will sing praises to You and not be silent.
I have cried out to You, and You have healed me.
Hear, O Lord, and be gracious to me; O Lord, be my helper.
To You, O Lord, I would call, and to the Lord I would supplicate.
With Your will, You set up my mountain to be might, You hid Your countenance and I became frightened.

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  • I love this song, makes me want to dance before the Lord.

  • I really enjoyed hearing the Israelis, sing praises to the Lord

  • I’m with you Michael, loved the beat and found it ‘reasonably’ easy to follow along.

  • I can never see enough of the beautiful Land of Hashem. I long for the day that I can walk there again in peace with HIM. I will sing all of this songs in the language of HIS Land with joy in my heart and tears streaming down my face. Lovely song!

  • Simply a wonderful up tempo piece that had my foot tapping and my heart singing along! I truly love seeing and listening to the multi generations that come together as one in any of the arts. God Bless…..mike

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