Hallelujah (Hallelujah!) by the Hava Nagillah Band


Hallelujah. Praise Hashem in His sanctuary; praise Him in the sky, His stronghold.
Psalms 150:1
Let all that breathes praise Hashem. Hallelujah.
Psalms 150:6



Sing along in Hebrew to Hallelujah performed by the Hava Nagillah Band. Lyrics taken from Psalm 150. The video features photographs of Shofars used to praise God in Israel!

ha-l-loo-yah ha-l-loo-yah b’-tzeel-tz’-lay sha-ma
Praise Him with resounding cymbals

ha-l-loo-yah ha-l-loo-yah b’tzeel-tz’-lay t’-roo-ah
Praise Him with resonant trumpets

kol han-sha-mah t’-halel yah
Let every soul praise God

הַלְלוּיָהּ הַלְלוּיָהּ
ha-l-loo-yah ha-l-loo-yah
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!